I am at the Eye. This has been the easiest deadline in weeks, which always worries me – what typos did I miss? What show did I forget to list?

I have no column, again. Ran right out of room. The pages filled up with photos too fun to not run, including shots of Absynth that Nick and Kaylee took Friday night at Muddy Waters. They were falling asleep until I let them have the camera, then suddenly it was all flashflash! flash and fun.

Terrence’s photos are great as usual, including one of my favorite ever from the “Rock and Roller Boogie” at the Blue Lake Roller Rink. The shot’s subject is this girl on skates. She’s facing the camera, but looking up toward the heavens, while the rest of the people glide by in ghostly blurs, oblivious and otherworldly. The lighting and lines of the photo transcend snapshot status, propel the picture into the art realm. He’s really good that way.

As for me, I should write. I’ve had a radio/reviews column brewing for two weeks now. What makes for good radio. Why I don’t do negative reviews. The longer I delay, the better the writing will have to be. Isn’t that always the case?