I feel

Adjectives into concrete detail, like a writer should:

Spent the morning arguing with Chelsea. Irritation-annoyance-outrage-tears. I calmed down, with much effort, and reminded her that I love her and am on her side and all the cliche things parents say to teenagers when they’re realizing the days of being their child’s friend are long gone and that keeping their heads in the face of what seems like irrational emotional turmoil is their only hope toward rekindling that friendship in the future.

I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s last night. I ate five pancakes with butter this morning. I have gained eight pounds since March 1. I thought March was going to be the month of brown rice and kale, extra water and green tea, yoga and sit-ups, detox and grace. Not so much.

Eye pages, poetry reading, interview, reviews, kids, husband, house, a dozen things to mail, stacks of paper everywhere: what I have to do exceeds my ability to think about it leaving me dazed, confused and wasting time on less demanding activities such as emailing radio requests and reading Cary Tennis .