Virgil Shaw – Wilderness of this World
Lila Nelson – Hold it in Your Hand
Sonny Smith – X-Man
Keren Ann – One Day Without

M Ward – Sad, Sad Song
Ed Harcourt – This One’s For You
Inara George – The Day
Clem Snide – Fill Me With Your Light
Damien Jurado – Lion Tamer

Andrew Bird -A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
Erin McKeown – The Golden Dream

Lila Nelson – Look in Different Ways
Masha Qrella – Feels Like
Stars – Ageless Beauty
Lowlights – Hide Awhile
Emiliana Torrini – Nothing Brings Me Down
Maria Taylor – Xanax

Yo La Tengo – Damage
Ida – Late Blues

upcoming shows set:
I See Hawks in LA – Hope Against Hope (Alibi, June 25)
Louise Taylor – Run the Wild Country (house concert Friday, June 10)
Taarka – Echinacea and the Golden Seal (Muddy’s tonight)
Kulica – Something Good (Rumours, Friday, June 10)
The Blue Dot – Track 2 (Alibi, Saturday, June 11)

Nouvelle Vague – Only Making Plans for Nigel