Emiliana Torrini – Sunnyroad
M Ward – Here Comes the Sun Again
Keren Ann – Que n’ai Je?
Damien Jurado – Sucker

Ed Harcourt – This One’s For You
*Thea Gilmore – Pirate Moon
Clem Snide – Something Beautiful
Leslie Helpert – Train Song

*Neil Young – Cortez the Killer
Petra Hayden – I Can See for Miles

*Wilco – Jesus, Etc.
*Greg Brown – Canned Goods
Masha Qrella – Unsolved Remained
Regina Spektor – Somedays
Clumsy Lovers – London Bridge
16 Horsepower – Ditch Digger

Erin McKeown – Life on the Moon
Redbird – Hold On (Tom Waits cover)
Ida – Mine
Koozito – His Radio Song
Phosphorescent – I Am A Full Grown Man/I Will Lay in the Grass All Day

Lila Nelson – Look in Different Ways
Sari Baker – If You Were Mine
The Great Salvation – Spanish Carpet Fair