KHSU — The Last Chance Show

Bebe — Siempre Me Quedara
Luis Marco Ochoa — Como Penelope
Gianluca Petrella — Mr. Wolf
Oscar Castro-Neves — Kurski Funk

*Charo — Caliente
Billy Kilson’s BK Groove — a Camelot
Apollo Nove — 86
Trombocombo — Let’s Dance (Bowie cover)

Tigercity — Timecard
David and the Citizens — Grey-coated Morning
Irving — Jen, nothing matters to me

Lady and Bird — Walk Real Slow

Mint — Your Shopping Lists are Poetry
Eagle Seagull — Your Beauty is a Knife I Turn on My Throat

Jason Collett — Parry Sound
Drazy Hoops — This Much I Know

Ghost Buffalo — Hollow
Leeroy Stagger — Just in Case
Gus Black — Certain Kind of Light

John Stewart — Golden Gate Fields
Danny Pound — Put it Down
The Ropes — Water and Headphones
Dresden Dolls — My Alcoholic Friends

Seth Kauffman — Jug Hustler Blues
The Buttless Chaps — Caboose


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