another injured bird

This one is a Black Brant, first spotted on the beach by Kaylee, with a wound under its left wing and a fiery attitude. I threw my sweater over the poor thing – I’m getting better at this – to calm it down, took it home and called Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. I’m so glad those people are around doing what they do.


2 thoughts on “another injured bird”

  1. Hey, you can helpful learn stuff from these blogs! I was at work this Sunday to work a 16 hour shift from 7am to 11pm and we had water all over the Chip Handling area at Evergreen Pulp, because of the heavy rains. During the storm a Western Grebe must have gotten disoriented and made a home out of one small pool that had formed from a clogged drain. The problem was that the pool was actually part of the road normally, and trucks were having to dodge the bird or run it over. I went out and used a long pipe pole to unclog the drain and that upset the bird. It was obviously distressed. I tried to nudge the bird with the pole to get it to take off and vacate the pool, but it was not going to budge. The water eventually drained from the ditch, but the bird was not going to leave on it’s own. Then I remembered reading a post on House of Sand and Fog. House of Sand and Fog: another injured bird Jennifer Savage had rescued a bird and mentioned the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. HWCC: Humboldt Wildlife Care Center (HWCC). I called their Hotline 822-8839. I was surprised to have a person call me back within the hour on a Sunday, and two young ladies came out and retrieved the bird. One of the rescuers explained how the Grebe may have been put in situation where it was in water that was to shallow to take off. A Grebe has trouble with takeoff on land I was informed. So I am sure that the Grebe would like to say “thanks” to Jennifer and the HWCC.

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