Yesterday I deleted about six hours worth of work. I’d done the work at home, as usual, then dropped the page files onto my flash drive. As usual. When I arrived at the office to finish up, the file containing the Scene pages was blank. “Oh,” I said. “I must have grabbed the wrong one.” On the way home, I thought about how I’d drug the “extra” files into the trash – and the moment of thinking, “I should double-check before I empty this.” I should’ve heeded that warning flash, but no. I arrived back home to discover all my work had been deleted.

The good news is, in my panic, I managed to recreate the pages in a third of the time I’d taken before. And the paper looks great. This marked the Eye’s first issue with the new printers – I have a color Scene page! Very cool. I should’ve written something, but space was tight and so was time. Next week… Several good ideas in the works…

Meanwhile on KSLG, I need to get organized about this global warming/bike riding blitz. I want it to be good. And Wednesday is The Ravens. More and more, I wish I had time to get a grip on the technical aspects of sound/radio production. Just enough to be competent. My strength is currently in connecting people, not wires.