Not exactly "my way," but what if I could get them to stop for an in-studio at KSLG on the way?

It’s highly unlikely, but I’m angling for The Black Angels. No harm in trying, right?

Hey Jennifer,
Just a reminder that The Black Angels are headed your way! They’ll play Big Sur on May 31st.

The Austin, TX 6-piece has been building quite the buzz since releasing their debut, PASSOVER (Light In The Attic Records).
The band’s self-proclaimed “Native American Drone ‘N’ Roll” sound draws from the drone and dread of late 1960’s psychedelic movement. The music sways from a ferocious onslaught to numbing meditation, and fuses their trembling live sound and confessional but artfully written subject matter. These guys have been picking up raves everywhere from the NME, which wrote “This is evil blues rock, the sexiest soundtrack to selling your soul you could ever imagine” — to Relix — which praised that PASSOVER is “something rare in the current soundscape: an album that is best appreciated when heard from beginning to end.” NPR featured a concert of theirs this March, falling in love with their “acid-infused, hazy spirit of ’60s psychedelia with a home-grown mantra: ‘Turn On, Tune In, Drone Out;'” while The Tripwire proclaimed “This is classic stoner-metal rock, which is best listened to at extreme volumes.”

The band looks forward to playing the Sasquatch and Bonnaroo Festivals, before heading off to Europe to tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Check out the band online at: MySpace.
Hit me back if you need any materials, etc. Any coverage you can give to this show would be fantastic.

I’d love to swoop Bobby off for a late anniversary celebration in Big Sur, but getting away seems even less likely!


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