Ball games and gender equity

So, the ER has upped its coverage this year – yay! Still not equal to the baseball TOC, but small steps are better than nothing, right?

The T-S of course has NOTHING about the softball tourney – oh wait, I think they might have had a sentence or two at the tail end of a long story covering the baseball championships. They’re paying for it on the fields, too. Plenty of people were sharing copies of the Reporter – “Look!” – but mention the T-S and faces would shift from smiling to snarling – “That piece of crap!”

Which is not how I feel about the T-S overall, but it kills me that they cover the boys in such great detail and the girls barely even exist. So many great stories could be told! The league has exploded over the years. Argh… I could go on and on, but won’t.

Nick’s team plays their final game tonight. They’re undefeated and amazing.

Kaylee and Chelsea’s teams wrapped things up as of Monday; neither one made it to the final round, but both did well and lost in close games, which is always more rewarding. Now K has all-stars (Chelsea opted out this year), so we’ve a couple more weeks of practices and games to go.


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