Vacation all I ever wanted

Six days until I board a plane for San Diego, courtesy of a dear friend who left Humboldt several months ago. She needed to be closer to family and work that pays – and wow, did she find work that pays, smart and talented woman that she is, and lucky for me – although I’d sooner have her company. She’s the kind of friend that can hang out at the beach, share life stories and sympathy, but would also have as much fun as I do rocking out to loud bands at the Alibi. She’s amazing. So I’m looking forward to seeing her, obviously.

I’m also looking forward to borrowing her neighbors’ surfboards and surfing a new break, with only the most minimal of obligations demanding I exit the water. I’m additionally thrilled that I’ll get to see one of my very best friends from childhood who happens to live near El Cajon. And the knowledge that I’ll be stepping out of my life and all its routines for 102 hours makes me feel like a woman who just got thrown a lifesaver after treading water for days.

Maybe I’ll re-learn to write while I’m there.

This is my vacation to-do list: hang out with K, visit with J, surf, write, eat Mexican food. Handle-able. Someone asked if I was going to any shows while in SD. I looked at him agape. I know it’s symbolic of what a pleasant excuse for work I have going on, but still… shows equal work, routine. I want conversation over

Now, all I have to do before I leave is: finish the Eye’s Scene section early, pay the remaining bills for the month, make sure the family is stocked up on food, attend two soccer games and one concert, host two live bands on KSLG and maintain the house and family up to expectations.

No problem. Even if my computer did decide to die and the one person in Humboldt County who can bring it back to life is on vacation himself, until next week. (I’ve taken the smaller, slower, but still worthy ‘puter home from the Eye. Thanks, KLH.)

I am trying to keep the guilt at both leaving and being so happy to be leaving at bay. If I come back with funny stories and a refreshed outlook, will I be forgiven?

(BTW, I am home with kids today – called in to KSLG as K and N are both suffering from exhaustion and troubled stomachs. Unsure why exactly, but they’re snoozing, so I’m blogging in between bills and laundry and dog hair – did I mention the vacuum broke, too? Ah, the glamour.)


One thought on “Vacation all I ever wanted”

  1. Thank goodness because… well… I was starting to worry about the state of my house. Mostly it’s a mess because it’s Wednesday and I was sick last weekend. All will be in order by the time you’re here. But nevertheless, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you that I actually was concerned that my shower wasn’t clean. Of course, it is pretty darn clean, but when you live in a sparkly white apartment, one can see every hair on the tile floor. Anyway, I am writing to say this: The typical socal indian summer is not here, and we haven’t any signs of santa anas, and the ocean temperature has dropped quite a bit. I also — gasp — put a blanket on my bed. And my kids have actually worn PANTS to school. And I stopped using the air conditioner in my car and I shut the windows at night. So check the weather. And my mom has 4 wetsuits if you need one. And … hmm… I am pretty sure I’m kid-free on Saturday, and though I can’t get a full day off of work, I’m sure I can take a half day or something. I can’t wait to see you.


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