Deadline soundtrack

Sometimes I listen to CDs of bands playing in the upcoming week.

Sometimes I put on some vintage funk and disco (The Gap Band, Donna Summer).

Often I listen to Lila. Or Lila.

I also enjoy iTunes’ “Party Shuffle” feature because it helps me rediscover music I forgot I had –  I’ve accumulated 4,223 items/11.4 days worth of music – but Bobby usually can’t handle the Jim White-into-Black Sabbath-into-Mofro-into-Radiohead-into-The Be Good Tanyas transitions.

Today is all about Neil Young. We’re Live Rusting right now: “Know when you see him/nothing can free him/except the sky/open wide…”

Wow, is it beautiful outside today. Sunny, windless… Why are you in here reading a blog?


2 thoughts on “Deadline soundtrack”

  1. I rode my bike from Arcata to Blue Lake early this morning. A very serene time to do it. Best two hours I could have spent today, other than volunteering.

    I so enjoy Neil Young, Rust Never Sleeps, and Everyone Knows this is Nowhere. Right now I am listening to a two CD set of Mott the Hoople Live on Broadway. My older brother got me turned onto to Mott. I like the piano in a rock song, that just does it for me.


  2. Your “shuffle” is like mine….Gerry Rafferty into Flogging Molly into Jimmy Cliff, Grass Roots, Jake Shimabukuro, 3-Doors Down and Poco. I got in a walk to the beach yesterday so am doing homework today…or at least I’m SUPPOSED to be doing homework.

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