The question at the end of the day

What it comes down to is this: At the end of each day, I ask myself, “Why did I not surf?”

For weeks, the answer’s been, “Too big.”

And after days and days of double-digit buoys, my patterns change. Caught up in the here-and-now chores demanding my attention, I forget to check the swell. I lose track of the wind. I schedule things without consulting the forecast.

And then I miss a day. Damn.

Was thinking of hitting South Beach in Crescent City this weekend, but a dead sperm whale has been, and still is, decomposing on the sand there.

At least no one’s talking about dynamite-ing it.


2 thoughts on “The question at the end of the day”

  1. So, Jennifer….Have you heard the new Delta Nationals CD yet? The first cut is called “Camel Rock” Yep, it’s a surf instrumental. Dedicated to you and your kind.

    Ask Monica for a listen.

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