Well, then

So I checked the buoys this morning: 9 at 15 with little wind. Translation, double-over and steamrolling. I’m on deadline anyway, so I gave it a pass, figuring I wasn’t up to the rag-dolling I was sure to get.

Later Nick received a text from his surfer buddy. Who went out. Granted, this particular 12-year-old is a champion triathlete and has a dad who’s a veteran Humboldt surfer. I’m sure he’s in far better shape than my 38-year-old kooky self. But does that make me feel better?

No, it does not.

On a more positive note, I joined Kaylee for an aikido class Wednesday night and spent some time talking with the teacher after. Her son is a surfer; aikido and surfing have many parallels.

I look forward to continuing.

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