An antidote to any looming misery, real or imagined. Sure beats doing laundry.

With The Delta Nationals providing the soundtrack, of course!

Camel Rock

(Until I get a cease-and-desist, that is.)

(Also, any surfers reading this should check out the brand new Humboldt Surfriders blog.)


3 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know local bands played surf tunes anymore….not since Guns & Barrels way back in the late ’90’s. (I wasn’t able to see your photo, just the little “red x” in the corner)

    Trust me, no cease and desist will exist. But, I’ll bet the band would love to hear the tune blasted out of a car stereo up at the beach some day.

    Thanks Jen! Surf music Rocks! (Right up there with western swing)

    (And what’s so wrong about doing laundry? At least your kids are out of diaper stage)

  2. You’re welcome, Eric! Hopefully, Surfriders will be up and running again soon.

    Eko – what’s wrong with laundry? Just the fact that I’ve done 8 loads since Saturday… theoretically better than diapers, sure, but the never-endingness of it can make a person mad, I tell you. Mad!

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