season highlights, so far

1. In K’s first senior division at-bat, she nailed a triple for 3 RBIs, pulling her team ahead, then stole home during the next batter when the catcher missed the ball. It was a close one; her slide onto the plate and the catcher’s tag near simultaneous.

2. Last night Nick – coming off a 2007 season of few hits – found his groove with an in-the-park home run, followed by a strike out that he then recovered from for a bounced-over-the-fence ground roll double and solid drive down the middle. (Unfortunately, that last one went right into the pitcher, nailing his leg. The kid crumpled into a ball of agony and eventually limped off the field, greatly mitigating the thrill of seeing Nick finally hit. But he seemed OK by the end of the game. Whew.)

3. A girl on K’s team that’s never played before got her first connection. The hit wasn’t huge – she was thrown out at first – but the grin on her face was. We could see the smile from the stands.


3 thoughts on “season highlights, so far”

  1. Softball season begins on the other side of the bay for our girls this week….finally. It’ll be fun watching the diamond exploits of kids all ’round the north county this spring.

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