The obligations have flown fast and furious over the past several weeks – more so than usual. No time to blog or otherwise write outside of what work necessitates. I’m only able to right now because I’m home from the radio today; woke up with my frontal lobe throbbing and ibuprofen didn’t help. I took some loradine (sp? generic Claritin) and that seems to have eased the pain somewhat, so I’m wondering if this is going to be one of those rare years allergies hit me. I tried lying down with a cool cloth on my head, but my brain couldn’t calm down so here I am, attempting to empty my mind and feel better inside and out.

Haven’t surfed much – I need a surf buddy, I decided. Someone with the desire to hit the Jetty at 6 a.m. daily. Because I will fulfill an obligation to someone else, but when I’m the only one facing being let down, well, I’m just not good at making my needs happen first. If I can just get back in the habit of dawn patrolling, I’m sure I will keep it up, though – something about surfing at first light colors the whole day with a better perspective than starting with laundry and last night’s dishes.

Nick and I surfed Moonstone last weekend, which I will write about in a separate post. His glucose numbers have been relatively OK, but for some reason he cycles high in the midday and low in the evening/night, so we’ve had to re-figure once again how to best match his insulin to his needs. This will never end; the best we can hope for is that the adjustments happen smoothly, which has been the case most recently.

He’s such a good sport about this, albeit with some stress when the numbers run high, so I am quite disappointed that he’s opting not to attend Lost Coast Camp this year. He and Kaylee have gone twice, then K went last year without him. We were all too nervous about the diabetes situation last summer, but this year I thought he could go – maybe Bobby could stay down in Petrolia for the week as a “just in case” move. But Nick is adamant that he thinks the diabetes will be too much of a problem given the active pace of the camp. I’m so sad – LCC has been a great experience for both kids, and I hate for Nick to feel like he “can’t” do something.

Ah… my head hurts too much. I need to close my eyes for a bit.


4 thoughts on “allergies?”

  1. Oh God, I hate when my sons close themselves off in fear from life. I’ve done it too often myself.

    I understand it. I just want them to be better and happier than I am.

  2. Thank you, Rose. I’m not sure which is worse – the headache/itchy eyes or the speedy-spacy feeling from the allergy meds. I am (fortunately, I think) a total lightweight when it comes to any kind of drugs. But feeling better – now just waiting for Nick’s blood sugar to rise from a slight low of 66 before turning in for the night.

    Yes, Kym, that’s it. And while my kids are better and happier than me, overall, I can’t help but worry.

  3. When the invasive scotch broom starts to bloom, I have the worse allergies of the year. Our neighbor’s property is covered in it, and the bulls over there are not interested in eating it. I have to take claritan D this time of the year in order to breath. Take care and stay out of the wind.

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