I love Quicken

Because I make lists and appreciate charts, especially when generated by something other than myself.

Finally catching up. Reports by category show I spent $235 on gas in May and, so far, $278 in June. That’s an almost 18 percent increase!

Savings, in a shocking coincidence, dropped by 72 percent.

Yes, I may be broke. But now I know exactly how I arrived at zero! 

Why do lists always inspire optimism, even when the subject is otherwise depressing?

A quarter of my income goes to groceries and gas. Another nine percent falls under utilities. Because I have an auto transfer from checking to savings, on paper, five percent of my income goes to savings. I wish! But what the pie chart doesn’t show is that eventually it all comes right back out…

I wonder if I will ever know the feeling of not living paycheck-to-paycheck.


4 thoughts on “I love Quicken”

  1. Living paycheck to paycheck. Trust me, you’re not alone. If it weren’t for my company sponsored 401k, I would be up a complete shitcreek. I think we may be a generation of people just hanging on. But, it may turn around. It did for our parents or grandparents, if that’s what the case may be.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Rose on your writing abilities.

  2. Aw, thanks Rose and Eko for the kind words. Writing books is my dream. I know I have at least one novel in me – hopefully it will stay with me until I figure out a time and place to let it happen.

    I looked into AdSense, but last I checked, WordPress doesn’t let you run ads. Maybe I’ll switch back to Blogger if I start doing this more regularly.

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