And did I mention, surf?

How did I get so out-of-shape? (Again.) That is a rhetorical question. A combination of too much time in the car, too much time in front of the computer and my own inherent laziness. Except I’m not really lazy. In fact, this thing that’s happened to my body is not laziness at all. I put family first, work first, me last. If I was lazy, my excuse would involve something like sitting in front of the TV; the reality is, I’m doing laundry, figuring bills, cooking, cleaning, driving, working – that’s what’s keeping me from surfing, walking, running, biking, stretching, yoga-ing. A little selfishness would do wonders for my health. (Me and the dog – we both have Lab tendencies!)

What I need is someone to insist upon it. Someone to look out for my interests, force me to be obligated in that direction – not completely, just enough to force me to shed some weight, increase my cardiovascular capability, strengthen my body. And then I can go big this fall. 

Not much time left. Will I be able to handle Harbor? Patricks? Outside of my imagination, that is.

I need to surf. Did I mention that? I need to be in shape to surf through the fall, the winter. 

I remain optimistic.