What is with these nightly lows?

Last night he dropped to 30. 30!

Took two treatments to bring him back to normal range – and then he skyrocketed over 300. We were up till 2 a.m. trying to manipulate his blood sugar within range.

And now, after three “good” readings, the nightly check revealed he’d dropped to 50. Woke him up enough to suck down four ounces of juice. Deterred from bed, I wait for the 15 minutes to pass, hoping the next check reads 100 or thereabouts, at which point, I’ll spoon some applesauce into his mouth and expect the carbs to see him through the night.

He’s turning 13 soon, still a boy and especially so when he’s sleeping, slack-jawed and splayed out. I love him so much. I wish I could fix this – the frustration of only being able to wish makes me crazy – but if he can cope and even joke about the diabetes, the least I can do is rise to the challenge of staying optimistic.

All my fears will not come to pass.

He’ll be okay for a good, long time.


3 thoughts on “What is with these nightly lows?”

  1. Jen — you’re a true hero. So many people get to do things like sleep through the night and skip breakfast and go about their lives. You fight for every precious, healthy moment.

    Best wishes for you and your family.

  2. I gotta tell ya Jen… One, I hope some day to be as good a mom as you are. And Two, your son is so incredibly smart. As I was lucky enough to sit with Nick and Bobby at the Baykeeper dinner, seeing him deal with his diabetes… he’s so matter of fact and even answered my questions about how things worked. It’s hard to remember he’s not even 13 yet.

    You’ve raised a brood of amazing kids.

  3. My friend’s little brother was just diagnosed with diabetes at 18. It’s a huge change and challenge for a young man. Adolescence is hard enough as it is (I have 2 boys, ages 15 and 18 ).

    Also my 15-year-old is sick in some mysterious way and we have been trying to get him diagnosed for months now. My heart goes out to you.

    My mother has diabetes (the other kind) and I am amazed at how she changed her life, her diet and habits to cope with it. She is in excellent health, at 81, because of the care she takes of herself. Your son will learn to manage this part of himself too.

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