As Monica pointed out, for Californians, Tuesday’s election included a stomach-churning drop after the initial thrill of ascension. Even as most people in the nation celebrated hope, change and the election of the first black president, our state voted to strip rights away from the entire gay segment of our population. I know other states also opted to cement fear and discrimination into their constitutions, but California is supposed to be better than that. We’re supposed to lead, not succumb. I’ve never been so proud of my country and so ashamed of my state.

On a more personal up-and-down note, figuring out N’s nighttime blood sugars continues to be challenging. He drops low, sometimes low enough that bringing his glucose level up requires repeated treatments. We follow the routine of fast-acting sugars, followed by a small amount of “regular” carbs until the number reaches somewhere in the 100 range – but then his blood sugar skyrockets to a crazy high in the a.m. So… less quick-acting sugars? Less regular carbs? But I can’t sleep thinking he’ll drop again. So hard to know what to do. We’re tracking closely per the doctor’s orders. For right now, as I do so often, I wait.


3 thoughts on “Rollercoasters”

  1. Make that a double ditto….or is that triple? I’ve quoted you a number of times this week, Jen.

    When I lived in Nevada, I couldn’t wait to get “home” to California when we reveled in each others differences instead of hating them. Those who were generally intolerant, moved to Nevada, Missouri, Idaho, whatever. You will find the California ex-pats in little clusters talking bad about Californians … until, of course you ask them where they came from. Who knew there were so many of them still here.

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