So very, very busy

Trillium Falls Trillium Falls

Four days of fair weather bliss: a wine-flavored Thanksgiving with neighbors, a day off from radio spent traversing the dunes, a hike on the Trillium Falls trail, a miraculously easy deadline that allowed for a hike through Manila’s beach pine forest and a game of Frisbee with K and Nick.

That ended Monday with the return of the work week – and what a week it is. As typically happens in the holiday season, the number of arts, music and theatre events increases dramatically before tapering off during Christmas and the month after. The only reason I can conceive of fitting it all within three pages is because somehow, I always do.

Email sorted, I can move on to drawing insulin, another blood sugar check and, assuming all’s good, leaving the peace and warmth of home for a dash over the bridges to see Blitzen Trapper – a great indie pop-folk band from Portland.

I love seeing bands and plays and holiday shows, but I confess, I’m sort of looking forward to January and not needing an excuse to hunker down.


3 thoughts on “So very, very busy”

  1. Hey Jen,

    Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all the scene-promotion/documentation you do. I’m not listening to a lot of radio right now (I get caught up in what y’all are talking about instead of the work I’m supposed to be doing.), but I always love to hear your show, too. So, thank you for that and also for your generosity in sharing your life here and elsewhere with the community. 🙂 _dao

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