Trillium Falls (for Carol)

Trillium Falls is in Prairie Creek, off Davidson Road. Really nice half-day trip.

One of the newer trails in the park, this route is more notable for its noble redwoods and proximity to the Prairie Creek elk herd than for its small waterfall and scattering of trilliums. A springtime visit, with all four features present, is perhaps the best time for this hike, but it offers enjoyment—only a half mile from Highway 101—year-round.

One thought on “Trillium Falls (for Carol)”

  1. awesome trail, especially in the winter when trillium falls isn’t just a trickle (a little muddy but definitly worth it). really nice trees and you rarely see people there on a weekday. second half of the trail has some real nice old growth, many of which show signs of fire damage. the elk at the end of the trail have been there about 80% of times i’ve visited. a little bit of up hill hiking, i think it’s like 330 feet in elevation change, and 2.8 miles long; so not to hard of a hike. only takes an hour or 2, maybe 3 if you are taking a lot of pictures

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