A very short note about the gym

Via the radio station, I’ve acquired a membership to Praxis Fitness. I should write a great long post about it, but time is once again short. However, know this: it is awesome. The decor and the vibe provide warmth unlike any other gym I’ve been to; Ceci serves up the ass-kicking.

So if you need to get in shape and would like to do so at a totally awesome place, there you go.


One thought on “A very short note about the gym”

  1. I produced an ad for them recently and found them to be very likeable gals and very professional, not like some of the other places I have been in.

    It seems to be where a more mature clientle will locate…and I mean that in the most respectful way.
    I mean, c’mon, do you want to do a fitness regime with 24-year old jocks are hanging around. Perhaps when you were 24, but not now. I wish Ceci and Tracy and Pam the best of luck in their new venture

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