Harbor entrance, Saturday

No, I didn’t surf it – sheesh! Someday, but not that kind of day. I simply witnessed the ocean’s power, watched the waves spill over the wall, wash debris into the parking lot. Bobby and I rode bikes against the wind to get there and in the pouring rain to get back. 15.2 miles roundtrip. Freezing and totally fun.

I took a video (warning: may induce motion sickness) at the entrance.

(I couldn’t stand ending on the note of the last post. Everything will be fine fine fine, I’m sure.)

One thought on “Harbor entrance, Saturday”

  1. I don’t know how long you stuck around on Saturday (or if you’ve been to the jetty since then), but it got much more impressive than that by around 10:30. The jetty and beach were completely inundated, the barrier dunes were being eroded into a cliff, and those logs in your video were floating around like corks. Quite humbling.

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