Clutch player moment

Kaylee, being the middle child and more naturally quiet than the others, doesn’t always get her due. Not that she wants me discussing her publicly (shhh!), but it’s safe to share the following information: Kaylee had her first hit as part of Arcata High’s varsity softball team. A screaming, rock-solid triple with 2 RBI. On two strikes and two outs. “Yeah! That’s our freshman!” her team yelled. “Yeah, that’s my kid!” I grinned as high-fives came my way. (Not that I’ve done much more than show up at her games. Bobby’s helped with the skills, and she’s a conscientious person and player all on her own – but I still get to share in the moment!) What a great kid. I sure love her.


4 thoughts on “Clutch player moment”

  1. I’ve always loved your writing, and find so much of my life familiar in your words. Now there’s more, as I have a freshman softball player (St Bernards) in the house as well. It is thrilling on so many levels to see the kid succeed in something they love, and that mom, dad, and kid have shared through the years. Congrats and admirations to her.

  2. St. Bernards is a great team! We’ve played with a lot of those girls and coaches through Redwood Empire over the years. I’d say best of luck, but I know how skilled they are, so I’ll say enjoy the ride instead!

    And thanks for the kind words. Right backatcha.

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