I am all for questioning the pharmaceutical industry and hesitating before jumping on a new vaccine bandwagon, but MY GOD when people skip out on things like whooping cough vaccines and then their kids get it and then my kids and I get exposed to it, well THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


6 thoughts on “Vaccinations”

  1. Surely, if immunisation worked on individuals, and you have had said immunisation, then you and your family are safe? Of course this is assuming that immunisation works and never leads to any complication

  2. Jen, Don’t bite but if your kids have been vaccinated then aren’t you all safe? I’ve always understood that so I figured what vaccinations my kids don’t have are only my family’s problem. (PS we did have the pertussis, whooping cough one.)

    1. I won’t bite! I am sympathetic, generally, to people who hesitate over vaccines. (I didn’t do chicken pox and am still unsure about HPV.) And, yes, hopefully my kids are okay. But the vaccines can lose effectiveness over time (according to the county health person), plus if anyone already has a compromised immune system, they’re at higher risk.

      The greater point, and perhaps how I would have framed it if I weren’t so irritated when I posted, is that people who have sick kids should keep them away from other people. Don’t send your coughing, sneezing children to other people’s houses. Normal consequences are bad enough; if I get a cold or cough, I’m out of work for days, directly losing income. For people with other medical issues (like diabetes or asthma), the consequences can be more severe. I have a friend whose husband has a serious lung disease. If he gets a cough, it can turn into pneumonia in a heartbeat. So if a thoughtless parent sends a sniffling kid over for a playdate, the health risk is great.

      But even without that, nobody needs to pick up a cold or cough unnecessarily. And then when it turns out to be whooping cough? Whether pro- or anti-vaccine, that’s still insanely irresponsible.

  3. I’m not really panicked by the current pig flu pandemic but am still struck by the people who boldly cough and sneeze in public with no attempt to stifle or cover. Come on people, that’s why God invented sleeves.

  4. I agree Jennifer. I respect the rights of parents to be skeptical of the vaccines, but it does put others at risk. I believe the science which has drawn correlations with autism is extremely questionable in light of recent revelations. We didn’t have a choice initially, as Korea automatically immunizes before sending adoptees across the ocean. But the vaccine really did wipe out polio, and it’s on the rise again because parents can’t or won’t vaccinate.

    I do think the chicken pox vaccine is a bit silly, and now it’s made it harder to catch when you’re young placing you at risk of more serious ailment when you’re older.

  5. We forget that it is normal to be ill from time to time. We need to “manage” illness as we all used to. Quiet, high liquid intake, moderate constant temperature and sleep. We live in such a frantic world now that life just whizzes by. Low level health is the result.

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