Daily dork report

Whenever, for any reason, I start thinking along the lines of, “I’m cool/I’ve figured it out/I know what I’m doing,” the universe immediate slaps me upside the head.

Today, for instance. After my little self-motivational screed last night, I woke up early – 5 a.m. – and bounced out of bed ready to start the day at the gym. Within 15 minutes I’d donned the requisite workout clothes, thrown a post-shower change into my bag and was about to head out the door into the dark, raining pre-dawn morning. But I was also thinking about what to make the kids for breakfast when I returned. If I made the crêpe batter before I left, it’d be perfect when I came back home. (It needs to sit for a bit so the gluten can develop.) So I set my gym bag down and pulled out flour, milk, eggs and sugar and started mixing. In my whisking enthusiasm – or maybe pre-caffeine clumsiness – however, I somehow knocked the bowl over. Eggs and milk spilled across the counter and splashed onto the floor.


I cleaned up the mess and started over. Only, I was working in semi-darkness, have turned on a single light so as not to intrude upon Bobby’s slumber. What I read as “1/2” cup of water was actually “1/4” – and I’d already added it to the other ingredients. So now I had to get everything out again and add another 1/2 cup milk, two more eggs (making for a half-dozen used instead of two!) and another tablespoon of sugar. But, mission accomplished. I left.

Worked out to my awesome GYM playlist (Soundgarden, the Forty-Fives, Jim White, Madonna, Nirvana, Ghostland Observatory, The Heavy, The Gossip, RPG, A Gun that Shoots Knives, Iggy Pop, Morcheeba, PJ Harvey, Kings of Leon, TV on the Radio, Lila Nelson), made time to stretch, but ran out of time to shower. S’okay, though, because I had nowhere to be but home with hope for a surf later on.

As I was leaving, one of the trainers said, “You’re here early!” I grinned and threw my arms up in victory. “Yay, me!” Except my moment was marred when, as I flung my arm, my iPhone flew out of my hand and across the room.


4 thoughts on “Daily dork report”

  1. Jen,

    I’ve been meaning to email you for a week now because I missed you and your writing, and I’ve been thinking about you. But here you are. Yay! I’m making satsumacello this year. I think you deserve some.


    1. Oh my god… Last time you got me drunk, the whole evening turned into a blur… a happy blur, but a blur nonetheless… You must at least let me trade you for something sweet. Caramel espresso brownies? Best carrotcake ever? Your wish, my command…

      1. Who doesn’t love a happy blur? And I believe one could come from caramel espresso brownies too. How ’bout, since I seem to be a terrible procrastinator lately and haven’t even gotten started, sometimes after the first of the year? It’ll be a great way to start 2010.

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