Streak broken – but a look back at NC Journal history!

August, 1994

Everything was loaded up and ready for another surf excursion – and then I just couldn’t pull away from work quickly enough. And the afternoon spills over with obligations. Maybe tomorrow…

In the meantime, a friend shared an old NCJ with me – apparently 2009 wasn’t the first year they ran with surfing on the cover. This story, however, actually had merit.

(Excuse the low-res photos. Did I mention I lost my camera?)

I love this part:

“Doc Ball had no second thoughts about paddling out into the waters of Southern Humboldt during the 1965  and 1966 Shelter Cove Surfing Contest. The contest, hosted by the North Swell Surfing Association (NSSA) was a frigid two-day event filled with overcast skies and bone-numbing 52-degree water that took place entirely without the aid of wetsuits.”


It’s a good read – wish I could post the whole thing online! The most surprising part? Journal then-editor and publisher Judy Hodgson writes about her own surfing childhood!


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