Need a diagnosis

Bobby has been really, really sick. So far we’ve been to Urgent Care (where they put him on Amoxicillin), then to his first visit with our new doctor (where she put him on another antibiotic and ordered a blood test) and have a follow-up appointment tomorrow. The whole thing started about six weeks ago with an earache, fever and apparent sinus infection. The sinus problem and earache seemed to have cleared up, but his fever remains, as does extreme swelling and pain in his feet. He’s dropped about 14 lbs. and been in bed most of the past month-and-a-half. He’s barely able to walk right now and although he managed to drive the kids where they needed to go when I had to go out of town, the effort took quite a toll on him.

I’m trying to stay optimistic – and away from those online “symptom checkers,” which are not exactly providing reassurance.

For once, I wish we had some family living in town. Having a hard time keeping everything together.

5 thoughts on “Need a diagnosis”

  1. Jen: PLEASE let us know if we can pick up any of the slack. I’m SO sorry Bobby is not doing well. Please send him our love and good wishes and be sure to call for any little errand that might help.

    1. Jen: Here’s the accupuncturist’s e-mail ( I have his number at work but he is a pretty quick e-mail responder. Love, Laura

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