Taiwan Day 4

Photo break!

Planned activities taking up most of the day again today: Breakfast, Flora Expo, Farewell Dinner and Party. But I took tiny videos all day long — yes, there are a lot of videos, but they are almost all very short. And narrated! By me! — so if you fit into one of the following categories, please, prepare for viewing excitement!

  1. You’ve been wondering what it’s like to hang out in my head. (Please seek help for this.)
  2. You’re running low on material with which to mock me. (This is a gold mine!)
  3. You are unduly interested in flowers. (You may want to come to Taiwan yourself; the Flora Expo runs through May.)

Night market, day after:

In line at the Flora Expo with our guide, Ali:

And now, the Flora Expo highlights:

Oh, here we have the American display aka Idaho Potato Power:

And then we leave the Flora Expo for the streets of Taipei:

Back at the Expo, we have an announcement to make:

And see that family over there?:

Climactic ending:


3 thoughts on “Taiwan Day 4”

  1. guy to your right in the first pic couldn’t decide fast enough whether to do a thumbs up or a shaka, so he did a sort of half and half. Guy behind him was quick with the peace/rabbit years combo, which I’ve always heard is popular o’er them parts.

  2. Compelling footage, Jen! It’s funny, but I found the American displays the most fascinating! Cowboy hats and guns: you must have felt right at home. Can’t wait to see what you get up to next!

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