“Heraldo”… revealed!

I normally leave the politics to either my day job or late night, in-person conversations over whiskey. After all, Humboldt has no lack of savvy commentators, news outlets and bloggers offering insight, reporting and satirical interpretation on the various issues and personages du jour. That said, I feel compelled to point out what a recent “contest” has revealed — namely the identity of one of Humboldt’s most-followed bloggers: Heraldo!

No, it’s not about the Public Records Act. This came about through something a bit more innocuous, namely, the North Coast Journal’s “comic,” Seven-O-Heaven.

To wit:

1. Seven-O-Heaven comes out of nowhere and lands the cover of the North Coast Journal with an extended narrative having to do with Rob Arkley.

2. The Humboldt Herald frequently focuses on Rob Arkley’s political influence.

3. Seven-O-Heaven creator Andrew Goff puts out a call for reader submissions for his comic — a contest!

4. Heraldo also posts about the contest on the Herald.

5. Heraldo wins! But due to being “anonymous” gets downgraded from winning the grand prize of books to the runner-up consolation of a Bon Boniere gift certificate.

6. Andrew Goff has publicly stated his disdain for reading.

7. Andrew Goff has been seen scouting for root beer ice cream in Bon Boniere.

Clearly the evidence leads to one conclusion: Andrew Goff is Heraldo!


Also, he confessed such here.

You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on ““Heraldo”… revealed!”

  1. 8. And the first two comments are… two minutes apart!

    ““Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

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