A political moment: #OWS

I can agree to disagree on some political issues. Not all protestors are noble, not all cops brutal and not all American economic policies a conspiracy to destroy the middle class and enslave the poor.

But the stance people are taking against systemic economic inequity is based in facts. That many cops are abusing their power and hurting people not threatening to them, is accurate. To fail to acknowledge that the Occupy movement as a whole has righteousness on its side is to deny reality.

And when you reject truth, that’s where you lose me.


12 thoughts on “A political moment: #OWS”

  1. Systemic economic inequity implies there is in place a system to ensure a lack of fairness or justice for those who participate in it. You express a belief that not all American economic policies conspire to enslave the poor and destroy the middle class, which implies certain policies are in place to do just that. Some would conclude the middle class only receives meager crumbs tossed aside as the greediest amass even greater wealth, impoverishing the needy. Surely wealth can only be gained at a cost to those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

    If so, where does lost wealth go? IRS reports indicate that between 2007 and 2009, the number of Americans earning $1 million or more declined by 40%. Their combined incomes collapsed by 50%. Where did that wealth go? It didn’t go to those earning $50K or less as their incomes fell by a whopping 2%. Does it benefit the economy when the number of top earners suffers a massive reduction? Is it good news to know that there are 200,000 fewer million dollar incomes?

    The Occupy movement, if it has any unity at all, hardly exemplifies righteousness; instead it exemplifies that which it protests, greed. They occupy land they don’t pay for; harm small businesses they claim to want to protect; demand free food with a threat of property damage, and while living in shelter provided by someone else. The costs incurred because of their protests will result in a reduction of the very benefits to the needy the occupiers want increased. They protest the productive society they leech off of, but leeches at least know not to kill the hosts.

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