country music haikus

Empty train station;
The ghost of a man once loved
Blows by in the wind.

Bar about to close;
Give me one more whiskey please
I’m a lonely gal.

Late night on the farm;
In the barn the scent of hay,
Mixes with moonshine.

Beat-up old Ford truck;
You smile like trouble’s your name
I step up and in.

Old church down the way;
Preacher says go on, sinner.
No room here for you.

A runaway train,
I’m running away from you,
You good-fer-nothin’ –.

Backseat of my car;
Your whiskey breath on my neck,
Baby’s on the way

Lonely, drunk and cold,
Got no man, no dog, no car.
Have another round.

Down by the river;
My old man and Billy’s wife —
I pull the trigger.


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