Or not

I can’t leave off all grumpy-like.

Children healthy and mostly decent.
Diabetic kid’s needs met, at least for the moment.
Husband healthy and more attentive than I deserve.
Parents healthy.
My own health is top-notch.
Various animals healthy and relatively low-maintenance.
Warm, well-lit home.
Pacific a ten-minute walk away.
Surfboards, wetsuit, booties and gloves.
Running cars.
Tons of friends and a steady stream of social invites.
Awesome job.
Awesome boss and coworkers.
Additional enjoyable jobs and lovely colleagues.
Volunteer work engaging and rewarding.
Personal training at Praxis.
Kitchen full of food.
Tulips promising to bloom.
An overflowing bookshelf.
Music for days.
A piano in the house.
A great bike — with panniers!
Most of my problems are self-wrought and therefore theoretically solvable.
And… life continues to surprise me with all sorts of sweet little bonus moments.




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