Surf sessions #56, #57, #58, #59

In theory, I will expand these entries at some future date – but in case I do not think of a new way to describe the taste of saltwater and the ocean’s chill, at least I’m up to speed on my tally.

#56: College Cove desperation surf – because all sessions at College Cove happen in desperation. The teenage boys had a good time. I paddled around trying to avoid getting flushed and wishing I’d remembered a leash. Pretty day, though. Gorgeous scenery. Sunshine. Warmth. I could not hold on to my curmudgeon feelings in such a setting, lousy as the actual surfing was.

#57: A small day, a mushy day. Meh.

#58: South Beach for the Noll Longboard Classic. Balmy, windless weather, glassy waves. I entered for the first time because it was the final contest. Surprised myself by advancing into the semi-final despite my inability to turn left. (“Step back! Don’t lean!” my friend coached me beforehand. I tried to remember, but leaned nonetheless.) Camped in the rain and surfed in the morning.

#59: Noll Contest semi-final. Onshore, low tide, crumbling, head-high, early morning crud. I placed 4th out of six – not an advance, but not-last equaled a win in my book. The experience taught me a few things, too – like, I can catch a lot more waves in 15 minutes than I’d thought. And reminded me that it’s better to take off and try than let a wave go by that might have been.

Note: Bobby even took photos of me surfing that don’t look terrible! Sadly, no one can find the camera battery charger, so I can’t post them. Sigh. Please enjoy yet another crappy iPhone photo of waves I failed to get into! About that… yes… today… I looked… considered… saw the sets… reconsidered… ended up hassled by the BLM ranger (again)… used up my time… and thus went any chance of surf today.

Shoulda paddled out

2 thoughts on “Surf sessions #56, #57, #58, #59”

  1. Congrats on the results at the Noll contest! Always wanted to go up there for it; for some reason or another never got the opportunity. Heard that this was the last year for it. Kind of bummed. Such is life though.

    That photo… wow. I’m itching to surf again. Its been a little while.

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